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Witch Hunter Robin Plotline

Witch Hunter
Robin Home

MoRe PaGeS CoMiNG SooN!!!

The series Witch Hunter Robin revolves around Robin and the STN-Japan, or STN-J. The STN-J is the Japan Branch of Solomon,(STN) Who, armed with a list of people who may have inherited the craft, Hunt the dangerous witches of Japan as their talents emerge, hopefully before they can harm the general populace. The STN-J claims to hunt witches in a more humane manner, using the Orbo, a manufactured defense against a witches powers. The STN-J, consisting of Amon, Robin Sena, Miho Karasuma, Micheal Lee, Yurika Dojima, Haruto Sakaki, and Cheif Kosaka, Stand as Japan's Defense against the Craft.


Robin Is sent from Italy to help STN-J hunt witches using her craft, the power of flame. The hunt seems to progress very normally, with minor diversions into character, until a witch the STN-J has been tracking for years shows up at a restaurant, Harry's.