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MoRe PaGeS CoMiNG SooN!!!

Welcome to Taekiana's Page! This is the character bio for my Kingdoms of Telgard RPG character, Taekiana.

Taekiana is a travelling storyteller, currently performing in the Fallen Star Inn, in the Village of Kel.

A small woman, of no more than five and a half feet, Taekiana's hair is a long tangle of bronzed brown hair reaching around her thighs. She always wears a drab olive green traveller's cloak, a tan blouse, and olive green skirts matching her cloak. Her boots are of well worked soft leather, and she carries a medium sized pack. Her features are soft, a small nose and lips, though her eyes are two saphires which smolder under her brow. Her skin is pale, complimenting her features, and she carries herself with an innocent grace.

Life in a city was tough, and tougher if you were a seven year old girl, with no place to call home. Taekiana knew nothing of her mother, save that she was a prostitute, a word tae did not yet know the meaning of, and that she had forgotten her daughter long ago. Taekiana had not tried to seek her out, for little Tae knew she was unwanted, and made do with what she had, and with what coppers she could glean by the meager task of guiding lost travellers through the city. Taken in by the other orphans and delinquents of Maston, Taekiana learned the art of pick-pocketing, and had an innocent face to save her whenever her fingers failed her.

Taekiana had been wandering through the streets, by the shops, looking for something to spend her few coppers on, while keeping an eye for fat purses, too. She had been given alot of money from a particularly wealthy looking man that afternoon, and thought she might like a treat. She happened to stumble upon a tiny bookshop. Unable to read or write, Tae almost didn't go in until she noticed a man inside, gesturing and telling to a gaggle of small children. Taking a seat on the floor a few paces behind the rest of the children, Tae smiled, for she had seen bards and actors in seedy taverns around the city, but no one ever like this storyteller. He was a balding old man, with fringes of white hair sticking out the sides, and gentle brown eyes. His arms wavered this and that, his voice rose and fell with the mood of his tale, though his speech was so eloquent, his story so vivid, one would not notice the transitions between voices.

The Storyteller wove a tale of wise men and dragons, heroines and princes, and a particularly nasty witch with a crooked green nose which gave the children a spook. All were portrayed with a mastery of illusion, the children's mouths agape.

Tae found herself immobile, whether from intrigue or from fear of all the magic in the tale, it was difficult to know, though Taekiana was sad to hear it end.

The children smiled, and all left with tales of fae dancing in their heads. Only Little Taekia remained.

"Please Storyteller," She mumbled fearfully. "Tell me another?"

"go on home, young one, mothers worry about their babes in these parts." The Storyteller answered.

Taekiana stared intently at a bookshelf, unable to read any titles, but looking at them kept the tears from her eyes. "I aint got a mama sir. I look after meself.

If tae had been looking for it, she would have seen a tear in the old gentleman's eye. "You stay here the night, and I will tell a tale just for you. The likes of which have never been uttered."

The story was told well into the night, and tae was sent to fetch a glass of water at one point.
The tale was one of adventure, victories and hardships, tae was enthralled. When the tale was told, a small bundle slept soundly on a big cozy chair, with a mug of sweet tea beside her.

When the old Storyteller thought her quite asleep, he muttered under his breath, "you have a the gift, little one, I shall take you in." Then little Tae slept better than she had in her entire life.

Time seemed to fly by in the storyteller's tutelage. Taekiana learned to speak without her slums accent, and to change her voice for all the characters of her tale. She was a goddess and a knight, a king and a page, all seemed plausible, all were mastered. Tae loved to play in Papa's (as she had become accustomed to calling the storyteller) costumes, and would dance around his small house with ribbons and silks trailing behind her, expensive, though Papa didn't care. He thought a child's joy was more precious than any silk in Telgard.

Spinning tales and playing princesses, Papa taught Tae all the classic tales, aswell as many a tale he had written himself! She always sat in audience at Papa's tellings, though now she watched the children's faces, her schooled mind recognizing what they were thinking immediately. She learned what words and actions to use to draw out the watcher's fear, anger, laughter and joy.

Taekiana knew Papa was a great storyteller, though she knew he was not perfect, for he did not seem to know a single yarn from the tales she had heard in all the taverns she had visited before her time with Papa. She only thought this curious for a few years, for as Tae progressed in age, she also grew to know more about the world, and realised that Papa did not find certain tales appropriate for her young ears.

Taekiana's childhood with Papa made up for all the years of being an orphan she had endured.

One evening, after nine years of Papa's lessons, tae told for the children in the front of the shop. As she had once sat on the carpeted floor, listening to the storyteller's tale, now they sat and listened to her's. She smiled and sang, danced and spoke out each glorious line. She told the very tale that she had heard the first night she sat on that carpet, and if she looked over, she would see a very proud papa watching as she touched the children with her voice.

Taekiana loved telling for the children, but she felt that there was something inside her wishing to be let out, something she had to discover on her own. One night after her storytelling, Taekiana mentioned this to papa, who agreed, and told her that she was of a ripe age to head out into the world to discover herself and her career, and he told her of his years as a wandering storyteller. The pair laughed and drank sweet tea well into the night, and after much preparation, Taekiana was headed to Tiangchou two weeks later, with another young woman as her guide.

Once within sight of the gates of Tiangchou her guide scuttled off, as she was headed to a place in the outlying villages, but for a few coins she had brought Taekiana to the gates.

Tae was alone.